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It's true when they say that the army changes life drastically. Besides learning how to clean boots until they shine and get up every day at 6 in the morning, I realized one simple truth: ALL WOMEN LIE TO US! "I'm sorry, we are too different', 'It's not you, it's me...' Sounds familiar? So don't fall for this. Because in fact she's just disappointed with your penis size..

We've been together with Lalit for 6 months. Everything seemed to be great, including sex. But over time she started to refuse sex constantly, then she announced that we were too different people and we'd better split up. I tried to make her come back so desperately. I thought it was me and not her, then I learned that she was dating a captain of a local football team, who had fucked almost all the girls from our town.

I joined the army, I reckoned she would understand who she'd lost while I was there. There I met some guys who after lights out liked telling each other life stories. One of them began spinning yarns about his love affairs. It turned out that by 20 he had had more than a hundred chicks. He had been with two girls, and with three girls. He looked like a typical nerd - a skinny guy in specs. So, I thought he just wanted to come off like a big shot, to look really cool. Then I noticed that heaps of girls acutally texted him, sent him naked photos with tits.

I decided to talk to him and find out the secret of such success. So he shared his story.

It turned out, the whole success was due to his penis, or to be more exact, to the fact that it was very thick. Girls just leak when they see it, they themselves ask him to hump them. But it wasn't always like this.

He used to be an ordinary nerd, played computer games days and nights and didn't communicate with girls at all. Then once on the internet he digged out some cream for penis enlargement, decided to try it just for fun. And what do you think - his dick actually started growing, not so much its length as its girth. .

He was so excited about the result, that he decided to finally test his renewed cock in practice. He called one of his college mates who was known as a big slut, and fucked her good. The girl liked it so much that she blabbed out about this nerd having a giant penis to the whole college. Since then his life had been different.

He started arranging real orgies at home, even recorded videos. He had the hottest chicks in his bedroom. They catered to his every need, only wishing that in return this guy would make them happy once again with his thick dick. He even seized the oppurtunity to fuck a medical nurse in the army, and now she asked him every day to 'help her with bandaging'.

I managed to torture it out of him (he refused flatly to give anyone this information) and now I know where to order this cream. I'm not like him and it's not a big deal for me to share this information, it might definetely help you. So, it is called XTRA MAN. You can order it only on the official webiste, it isn't sold anywhere else. It is completely natural, no chemicals, so don't worry about it. .

So, a month before the end of my military service I ordered this cream for myself and started using it. There was a small side effect though, it caused a constant boner. I wanted to fuck all the time even without the cream, even drooled all over a fat cook, and now it got even more intense..

A week later I measured it, my penis did grow in diameter by a few millimeters. In a month it was +2 cm in total! It was quite visible to the naked eye. Oh how badly I wanted to break free and fuck all the girls on my way! And the most important thing, I wanted to prove to Lalit that I could now I was capable of a lot of things.

As soon as I came home, I threw a party to celebrate my return and invited everyone I knew. Having drunk a bit too much, I decided to hit on the most beatiful girl in our college, a local photomodel Esha. She had been recently dumped by her boyfriend, the girl needed to be comforted.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long to get her to put out - when everyone went home, she was in my bed. We had sex till dawn, she moaned so loud our neighbours banged on the wall a few times and someone even called the police by morning.

What can I say, I was the best! Since that day, Esha, who doesn't want anyone else in her bed now, calls me every day and offers to meet. And each time she says she can't possibly understand why my ex girlfiend dumped me, only a madwoman would leave such a gorgeous cock!

Naturally, my ambitions won't let me stop there, I will not rest until my score is minumum 100 chicks. Though I've already made happy almost half of this number.

Just like I thought, Lalit heard rumours about my sex conquests. She recently called me, suggest meeting. It turned out, her footballer cheated on her with everything that moves, while she suffered and wanted to make thing as they used to be. But it doesn't fit on my plans.

So, dudes, you should know - if your penis is small, you won't get normal girls no matter how hard your muscles or romantic your soul is. I know it for sure. Want great sex - upgrade your penis. Especially considering how easy it is now, no surgeries needed, just rub with XTRA MAN and at arms!